The Startcenter is the key element for all users. HR-members as well as administrators benefit from the intuitive user-administration. ProMES® and Talent Index® provide efficient facilitation tools for OKR's and Instant Feedback. We continuously work on new features to improve feedback quality in organizations.


The Startcenter provides an overview of current events and tasks, like feedback sessions or upcoming performance appraisals. Moreover it serves to administer Feedbit®, our innovative feedback method.

OKR's with ProMES®

In the ProMES® module, OKR’s are set up, administered and documented. This section integrates all relevant steps of the ProMES® methodology. OKR facilitators all over the world appreciate this unique tool and supervise their teams achieving enhanced productivity and a positive work culture.

Job Profiles

Within Job Profiles individualized or job-specific appraisal profiles are developed and administered. Therefore Talent Index® serves as a basis. Talent Index® is a scientifically validated competence model consisting of 15 dimensions, 30 sub-criterions and over 300 performance indicators. Talent Index® is provided as a standard feature. However you can implement your own competence model in the system.


Within Organization users are created, the organigram is generated and user- interrelations are established. Effecteev® automatically assigns feedback relationships which can be adapted manually. The user profile provides many individual editor options. Thus every participant is able to standardize their feedback partner individually or send reminding e-mails of imminent tasks.

Feedback Monitor

The Feedback monitor allows HR-members and administrators to monitor and coordinate feedback processes of the entire company. Employees e.g. on parental leave or those who drop out for a longer period can be temporarily excluded from the feedback process.


Reports are generally available to all users. Reports attractively provide information on individual appraisals and the current level of team productivity.  Leaders have access to a management-cockpit which provides an overview of the performance of their employees, teams and divisions.


In Administration a highly flexible administration of user groups is provided. Administrators create and manage individual groups of users. Furthermore it represents the basis of effecteev® as a feedback system: Talent Index®, is a scientifically validated competence model consisting of 15 dimensions, 30 criterions and over 300 performance indicators. Here it is possible to implement an own competence model.



The tool we are all looking forward to. The Feedbit® app for Android, iOS and GooglePlay. So our users can also submit, receive and manage their Feedbits on mobile devices.

Coming in spring 2024 with version 3.9.

Employee Surveys

The new module “employee surveys” offers scientifically validated standard tools for engagement, employee satisfaction and team climate. Of course, you can also create, manage and execute your own surveys here.

Available with version 4.0 mid-2024.

Indicator Database

Here, indicators and measurement criteria on teamwork in the sectors of production, trade, services and knowledge-intensive services from more than 30 years of research and practice are provided.

Available with version 4.0 mid-2024.